Below are comments from past puppy buyers:

October 29, 2012
 We are probably one of the luckiest families in the Newfie world.  We lost our very special Ezra who was just over 9 years old. She was a rescue, and what we thought was one of the best additions to our family that we could ever ask for. Just days after her passing, we were fortunate to find Echo. 
She is the best companion and family member. She is faithful and loving as you can tell in this picture with Andy on his tractor.  She has brought new life to Tulla and amazing that at 10, he is again enjoying walks and play with his new sister.
Thank you Charlotte for selecting us. There is no doubt in our minds that you are passionate with your dogs and even more so the placement of your puppies. Who knows what lies in the future for Fairchild puppies and us! Again Thank YOU!
~ Ange
September 20, 2012
While I was thinking of sending you pictures, thought I would send these too! Seriously couldn't thank you enough! Can't believe he is already a year old!
May 17, 2012
Hi Charlotte,
Here is a recent photo of meadow lounging in her favorite spot by the fireplace. She just woke up from her nap. She has taken our hearts and now owns us. She now sits, shakes, and lies down on command and is a very calm puppy. Very few accidents in the house and she is catching on that she go outside to do her business. We love her very much and want to thank you for her. Also, did you receive Meadow's vet report I sent you from our vet? I'll send more pics to you and please know that Meadow is thriving and doing very well.
 May 14, 2012
Hi Charlotte,
I just wanted to give you an update on Gronk. He is 4.5 months and a wonderful boy. He weighed in at 65.2 on his 4 month check. We cannot imagine our life without him. He has been housebroken since he has been 10 weeks old.  He has a great personality and is best friends with our 4 year old Dozer. Thank you so much for him. He is a total angel.
April 28, 2012
Hi there,
I just wanted to give you a quick update on Mizzou. She has been an absolutely dream!! Once we picked her up she was scared for a few minutes but warmed up in no time! She believes that she is a lap dog! I couldn't believe how fast she adjusted and became comfortable with everyone. We gave her a bath and was shocked on how good she did! She sat there and let me handle her with no problems and even allowed the kids to comb her. She has a crate in our room that she sleeps in at night. She had no problem staying in there and even goes in there on her own when she wants to rest. She loves spending time outside and watching the kids play. She only has had one accident in the house so far! She scratches at the door or in her kennel when she needs to go out. We took her to the vet today and she did really well!! They gave her a clean bill of health :) she weighed in at almost 30lbs!! She will start puppy classes in a little over a week. I couldn't imagine a better puppy!! She is stunning and the perfect fit to our family!! I'm so happy that we found you and thankful for your outstanding breeding and care of Mizzou. We were impressed by the way she came in with a nice crate, toys, and all the information! Can't wait to get a kong puppy from you in the future :) thanks again
April 4, 2012
We hope that you have a most Blessed Easter along with a chocolate bunny and some jellybeans too!
Lots Of Love,
Brian, Amy, Brock, Baret & Bradshaw
January 29, 2012
Samson did awesome in class! He did surprising extremely well!!! I was one proud momma today:)! The Dog guy is going to be working with us monthly to work up to getting his good canine citizen award! (Bailey just got hers today)! So I'll keep u updated on his progress! We really & truly are so happy with him!  Thanks for being such a wonderful breeder!!!! 
January 5, 2012
Dear Charlotte,
 I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how much Keegan means to me and my family.  When we first spoke I was mourning the loss of my 18 yr old cocker spaniel Sammy.  I remember being a little hesitant sharing my loss. But you showed me so much kindness and warmth, I felt comfortable talking about him to you.  As you began to share your love for your newfies and your puppies, I started to feel in my heart that we were a good fit for each other.  I decided on my puppy and his name is Keegan Elliot Greer.  He is now 4 months and the love of our lives.  I was nervous when I first got him because I did not know if I would love him as much as Sammy or if he would replace Sammy.  And he didn't because he is special in his own right.  You gave me a sound and well adjusted newfie who is as incredibly beautiful on the inside as on the outside.  For this, I will always be grateful to you.  Love Sheelah.  Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.
December 29, 2011
Charlotte ,
I thought I would send you an update on Bella. She is now 11months old and 120 lbs. She is an awesome puppy! She has been the absolute best, she loves to be outside with the boys playing in the water and digging in the dirt and sand. Over the summer we had her at the beach and she went swimming in the bay with them. Sherry

December 21, 2011
Hi Charlotte,

Rush is doing FABULOUS, he's asleep on the couch at the moment...there is no room for the girls, lol. I love him, he is such fun. He loves to play and is a comic relief. I'm amazed at how laid back he is being so young. The new dog door was installed yesterday so he can go in and out at his leisure now without getting stuck. But we're really enjoying him, and he has a few presents under the tree :).  He is doing wonderful and fitting right in. I'll send you some pictures soon. I can't thank you enough, he's just the best....or beast? LOL.
Merry Christmas and we'll talk soon!


December 21, 2011
Hi Charlotte,
By the way, a quick story...Marley is friends with a chocolate lab two doors down from us.  She LOVES Maggie!  (We live on a Lake and there are only 6 houses on our private road). When I let her out, she goes to Maggie's front door, sits down, and knocks at the door.  If that doesn't work, she lets out a loud WOOF.  Then they let her in, or let Maggie out to play.  Well, a few times now, the neighbors didn't latch the door, and when she "knocked", she opened the door, walked right in their house, over to Maggie's goodie box, picks out a Baby or Bone and brings it home.  When I say she is a character,  I really mean it!
We love her so much.  She's brought us so much happiness, I cannot begin to tell you.
Thank you again,
April 8, 2011
Hi Charlotte
We bought a puppy from you back in 2009 litter and named him Yogi Bear. Our BIG boy turned 2 today and we wanted to share a picture of him with you. He is weighing in at a healthy 168.6 lbs. :-) He is a BIG member of our family and never wants to be a part from us. He has grown into everything we could ask for.
Thank you again and hope you are well!
Mary and Brian

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