Below are comments from past puppy buyers:

September 6, 2010
Hi Charolette,
     Just wanted to send you a few pictures of our wonderful baby Marley! She will be 2 years old on September 26th and is 171lbs!!! She is the Best dog ever and we just love her soooo much! Now that she is Two we are ready for another Bear!!! We are looking to get a Brown male if possiable. Im sure whatever newfi we end up getting from you it will be a wonderful loving newf. You are the best newfi breeder in the world!! Thanks So much for completing our family and we look forward to seeing you soon! Please email me the deposit form when you get a chance!!
Thanks again!!!  
xoxoxoxxo Love,Stacey,Craig and Taylor
August 18, 2010
Hi Charlotte,
 I just wanted to let you know that Mocha is absolutely awesome! We can't thank you enough for such a wonderful pup! Everyone no matter where we are absolutely adores her. She is truly a high quality Newfoundland in every aspect of the breed if I have ever seen one!
When she went for her 6 month shots she weighed 117 lbs. yet she is so gentle, and graceful with the most loving temperament you would never know it. We could not love her more! She is as caring around my 91 yr old Grandmother daily as to my 2 yr old Grandson. They just know to be gentle.. it's like a natural instinct for her even when playing.. she will stop, and wait if they are going by. 
She was so easy to teach basic commands to, and learned them quickly. She goes out each morning to the end of the driveway to fetch the morning paper. She also barks .. "speaks" the number of fingers I hold up.. it's so funny. We have only gotten from "1" to "3" but the fact that she knows the difference amazes us. She is extremely smart. There is not a day go by that she don't make us smile or laugh with something. She is wholeheartedly the apple of our eye!! Our Big Bear love bug!!
Here are some pictures I hope that you can see how much she has grown.
 Again Thank You, and when we are ready for another Big Bear.. we will let you know.
Take Care, and God Bless..
                         Cherie Roche & Family
June 1, 2010
Hi Charlotte,
   Just wanted to send you pics of Lamar now that he is 2 years old.  He is doing great.  He is holding steady at around 155-160lbs.  He is just a joy to have.  He recently was the star attraction at a benefit for a local girl suffering from a brain tumor.  She happens to be my best friends niece so she got to know Lamar from the time he was a puppy.  As soon as i showed up to her benefit she asked me if I brought Lamar with me.  So I went home and got him and it was amazing to see him around her for the first time since her illness.  He went and sat on her foot and gently laid his head against her lap and was licking her legs.  They both sat there for about an hour while people entered the place, he really uplifted her spirits and she bragged to everyone that he was "her giant horse dog"  People were taking pictures of them together.  It was amazing to see how he acted around her, he showed the gentle giant side of the breed that day for sure.  Afterwords, people I didnt even know thanked me for bringing him there.  They all thought it was wonderful how he lifted her spirits and the families, and how he brought a smile to everyones face that day.  They were also amazed at his size and how beautiful he is.  Just wanted to share that with you and thank you again for such a wonderful/loving Newf! 
Hope all is well with you, your family and all of your beautiful Newfs!
May 6, 2010
 Great Breeder Wonderful Dogs!!!
I now own 2 of Charlottes AWESOME puppies!! My Kodi is almost 3 yrs old and in that time I have kept in touch with Charlotte on numerous occasions. I just got my second puppy from Charlotte and couldn't be happier. I've dealt with 2 other breeders in the past and learned my lesson the hard way now I have Charlotte in my life and and my dogs lives. She always asks about them and cares about how they are doing. She will always answer my phone calls even on her busiest days she takes the time out to talk to me. She is a very caring person and her dogs mean the world to her. They are truly the best of the best. As far as I'm concerned she is the best Newfie Breeder there Is!!!! Thank you Charlotte for being such a great Friend! Colleen


I bought a dog from Charlotte and I cannot say enough about her. She is everything I hoped for and more! Charlotte was very easy to talk to and is very knowledgeable about the breed. I recommend her to many people. Thanks Charlotte for such a wonderful girl.
J, March 7, 2009    


We were searching for the perfect Newfie for our family. After searching Puppyfind, we came across many breeders, and were blown away by Charlotte and her puppies. I explained to her exactly what we were looking for and without a doubt, her puppies far exceeded our much that we bought two from the same litter.... and were in NO WAY planning on buying two. I could always hear her sweet son in the background playing with the puppies! We just got our puppies shipped to us and they came to me, tails wagging, freshly groomed in a state of the art crate with blankies, toys, water... and , they are HAPPY PUPPIES FROM HAPPY PEOPLE! Our vet told us that these were definitely puppies that were well cared for! Their little tails wag every time we talk to them! I will never buy a pup from anyone but Charlotte ever again. This has been an A PLUS experience for us! Thank you Charlotte!!!!
lauren, November 20, 2008    


I wanted a Female Newfoundland for 2yrs.I finally pur- chased a black female on 6-18-08 from Charlotte Fairchild. I'm so happy I searched thru Breeders & chose Charlotte. Believe me, you can't go wrong purchasing a Fairchild New- foundland. Our pup Summer is not only beautiful but has the personality to match. My Daughters & I had two oppor- tunities to visit Charlotte's Home & Kennel. Her Dogs and Pups are of excellent quality. As a Breeder she's the BEST The work & time she devotes to her dogs is beyond 100%! I am so satisfied with my new pup that we are puchasing another pup next month from Savannah & Boo's Litter.
Clareann, June 22, 2008   
 We have had a Newf in our family life for over 23 years but when we were unfortunately looking for a pup to try to live up to the legacy of our Cosmo, one of the breeders that I had a conversation with suggested that I call Charlotte. We did and this was the best thing that could have happened to us. You can read all of the other reviews on Charlotte and her dogs but bottom line is you will be hard pressed to find any better quality dogs or a person as nice as she is. As mentioned, I have owned Newfies for over 23 years and she breeds the true version of what they should be. Our vet said that Bauer is one healthy puppy and has a great disposition. We also have a Golden Retriver and an Old English Sheepdog that he loves to romp with. If you are looking for a Newf, call will never regret it.
Walt,  February 4, 2008    

"Koiac Bear"
Charlotte is a wonderful person and a great breeder of Newfies, She has been so helpfull with any questions I have. Our puppy Kodi is almost 11 weeks old and he is so cute, great personality and temperment. I have delt with another breeder and Had to always try and reach her by phone and never had much luck, Charlotte on the other hand always answers your calls and will call you back when you leave her a message, she is a really great person, I plan on getting a second Newf and I will absolutley get one from Charlotte, Thank you again Colleen
Colleen,  December 12, 2007   

 Thank you for our beautiful CAPTAIN JACK!!
I just wanted to thank Charlotte for our gorgeous Cappy! He is literally the sweetest dog and has a face that nobody can resist. Everyone he meets just smiles and can't get over his beautiful eyes. The Captain is a true Newfie through and through - we have to beg him to get out of the water, lakes, the ocean, pools and right down to our BATH TUB!! Charlotte is a wonderful breeder who gets back to you right on the spot and loves her dogs unconditionally. My husband and I would buy again from Charlotte some day.. she is truly a great person. AND her dogs... are a sight to see... sweet dispositions, loving and they just make you laugh... I love watching Captain just run through the yard.. I'm so glad we found you Charlotte and thanks again!
Melissa,  August 16, 2007    

We are so pleased with our Newfie that we purchased from Charlotte. She raises the "best of the best". Even as a puppy he has the statue of a champion. Can't say enough about the quality of her dog's. And Charlotte is a great person to work with. She's such a big help, knows her dog's,& there health & care is a top priority with her.I would purchase another dog from her if the opportunity arose & I would diffenetly recommend her to others, which we already have.
Donna,  July 12, 2007    

Simply the Best!!
When we decided to get a Newfie puppy, we searched and found Charlotte Fairchild. She is an exceptional breeder that truly loves each and every one or her puppies. Before receiving our puppy, Charlotte kept us updated on his progress through pictures and frequent emails. Once we received our Chief, she wanted to keep in touch and received pics and updates from us. She is a great breeder who produces loving puppies with great tempraments, coats, sizes, and heads. We couldn't be happier with our decision to put our trust in Charlotte. Thank you!
Meghan,  June 15, 2007    

"The Best" Newfies are truly the best!
I have wanted to raise a "newfie" all of my adult life. I have raised a Golden and two Labradors. My experience from start to finish with Charlotte, the breeder and first Mom of my girl "Chloe" was excellent. Aside from her deep love of the breed and carefully placing them in their new homes, she loves follow up about each and every one of them. "Chloe" is now 8 months old she is absolutely beautiful! Gorgeous face, incredible disposition, loves my seven grandchildren and my Lab. She is smart, eager to please and has totally stolen my heart as well as anyone who meets her. You will make a great choice all the way around acquiring a "Newfoundland pup" from Charlotte. JoAnne Click Cornwall on Hudson NY
JoAnne,  January 8, 2007   
The Best!
I can't say enough good things about Charlotte and her Newfies. Charlotte really cares about her dogs and their new families. Her knowledge and "technical support" are awesome and she is always there if you need her. I bought my male, Boone from her. He is the kindest, gentlest, sanest, smartest, and most easy-going dog I have ever owned (and I have owned many dogs in my lifetime). He is also one of the most beautiful Newfies I have ever seen and most everyone who meets him would agree with me. He is brains and beauty rolled up in a huge black coat of kindness. He makes me smile just looking at him! Charlotte and her Newfies are the best!!
Leslee,  January 7, 2007    

Only the Best!!!
This breeder is the best Newf breeder I have every seen not like the others that say they love and socialize thier pups she dose!Very large and Happy pups would get all her pups if I could they will fill your life and heart for a long time to come.Best quality pups due to she only has the best for them. All her dogs are in her HOME not in a kennel and man dose it show!The care she puts into them is unreal, from birth till the day they become yours.She truly has it all! Health, beauty, SIZE, and very happy pups.Cant say enough great things about these pups. You cant go wrong here!This is the breeder you are looking for. Thanks so much for putting love and happness back into our home Char keep up the great chap. blood lines you do simply have the BEST!
Hilda,  December 8, 2006    

 Grand-Dog excellent
I can not say enough about Charlootte`s dogs until my daughter got one from her.I carry a picture around in my wallet of this sweet gentle giant and I make sure everyone knows that he is my grand dog.I went with her to pick it up and Charlotte is a wonderful person and she loves the breed and takes the time to see if her babies are all doing well by keeping in touch.this is the kind of animal lover that everyone should notice not only for the breed but for the kind and loving heart she has for her animals. God Bless Tonette
Tonette,  November 23, 2006   

 A Breathtaking Experience
I found Charlotte Fairchild while searching I have owned and showed Newfies in the past. But still,looking for a breeder for me was mind boggling, and I wasn't sure where to begin. She far exceded my expectations. She is a warm and loving person, who takes pride in her breeding. I spoke with her on the phone and she invited me to come and visit. I found her dogs to be cared for, but more importantly loved. I bought my puppy from her, and took him to my vet. He informed me that this puppy was heathly and well cared for. After finding Charlotte, I felt my search was over. Charlottes passion for the breed took my breath away!
Mary Kate,  May 12, 2006  


Most beautiful puppy
Hi, I bought a puppy from Charlotte almost two years ago and I can't say enough how pleased we are with our Maddy. Everyone on the street stops to pet and love on her, she is so sweet. Charlotte was also so helpful with all my questions, she helped me learn how to take care of my baby girl and continues to keep in touch and care how Maddy is doing. I totally can say from my heart she is a fine breeder and truly cares for her Newfoundlands. Ginny Higgins
Ginny, May 12, 2006    

I have purchased my puppy Vader from Charlotte and it was the BEST move I have ever made. He is the most beautiful dog and loved by everyone! He has received nothing but compliments on his appearance and demeanor. He has a gorgeous head and excellent coat and great temperament, he is everything I expected and getting Newf and much more! Also, it was a pleasure to deal with Charlotte she is a great lady who I now consider a friend. I can’t say enough good things about her or her Newfs. You will be more than pleased if you purchase a puppy from her! I know I definitely do not regret it!
Tiffany, May 11, 2006     

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