I would like to introduce my veterinarian.  His name is Dr. Andrew J. Church VMD.  He is the proud owner of the Blakeslee Animal Clinic located at 5251 Route 115, 2 miles south of Blakeslee Corners on 115 in Blakeslee, PA.  I am so proud of him - Congratulations!!!!!!!
His staff is so friendly and caring too!!!

Dr. Church is so dedicated to his work that I am so proud to say that he is my vet.  He takes care of my newfs like they are his own.  He loves on them too and not afraid to get drooled on.  But most important Dr. Church takes the time to explain your pets condition and the care given is unbelievable!  That is his top priority - giving your pet the best of the best care possible!  I would highly recommend him to everyone and I am so thankful to him for being my vet.
Thanks again Dr. Church!


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